SAP TechEd 2016 – A new era

SAP TechEd 2016 – Las Vegas

Pure enters the premier league/Bundesliga for SAP

Now that SAP TechEd in Las Vegas (~5,500 attendees) is coming to an end I would like to provide a quick update on my meetings, conversations, experience and learnings. TechEd itself was a good event, with a couple of suggestions for improvement, but I will share this at the end. The keynotes were good, but not spectacular with new information or new directions. Pretty much confirmation of SAP’s plans.

SAP TechEd 2016, Las Vegas, USA

SAP TechEd 2016, Las Vegas, USA

This year’s TechEd truly marks a new era for Pure. First we more than quadrupled the numbers of customer meetings and conversations we had around Pure Storage Solutions for SAP and Why customers should consider true simplification, always-on SAP, and unprecedented performance when modernizing SAP, on the road to HANA or throughout their journey to the cloud. In the last few years, after Pure announced their disruptive all-flash-array products customers loved the products and the unique value propositions it provided, but putting mission-critical applications like SAP on Pure was not an option. It was more a phase to test out and see that the promises Pure made were true. Too many times, customers have been misled by other vendors about simplicity, zero-downtime or performance and very often also misled by the discrepancy between marketing and reality. The reality looked more like img_0744time and resource intensive data migration processes to update or upgrade infrastructure with small windows of downtime. Simplicity was achieved in one area (e.g. Simplified operations), but introduced more complexity in others (e.g. maintenance).
Pure Storage has proven to thousands of customers in the last years that we keep our promises and claims leaving Pure with happy and satisfied customers resulting in a new NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 79 ( in 2015 and above 80 in 2016.
Now that Pure has further matured it entered a new era with SAP customers. The confidence and trust in Pure Storage for mission-critical applications, such as SAP is very high now and more and more customers believe in the values Pure Storage provides for their SAP landscapes. The conversations I had with customers and partners at TechEd indicated that customers will move SAP workloads, traditional SAP and SAP HANA, onto Pure and I am not just talking about test, development or QA. I am talking about full blown production environments to take full advantage of Pure’s performance boost, consolidation measurements and simplifications that will help automate and transform and modernize SAP environments.
Another interesting topic was Pure’s SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering (DT) solution that demonstrates HANA-like performance, but tremendous cost savings on software, hardware and licenses. The first customer who deployed SAP HANA DT on Pure confirmed cost savings of >70% and almost no performance degradation when running 512GB in img_0745memory and 2TB on Pure storage on DT. What a story and this is just the beginning. I believe that our Pure solution for SAP HANA DT will be a game changer for customers who would like to start SAP HANA projects, but struggling defining and finding the business value. Now they can start small, but think big.
Pure has two white papers about SAP HANA DT coming very soon that describe in great details the technical setup and the cost analysis. Connect with me on Twitter (@aggi_gi) to hear the latest on Pure’s SAP strategy and our great solutions that help customers reduce risk and cost by introducing true simplicity and always-on architecture (Pure Evergreen).
BTW. The event setting was a bit strange and needs improvement. Instead of using the large expo area they used the downstairs basement space that’s usually used as food court. I felt a bit like going to a undercover hacker jam rather than an SAP TechEd.

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